Ideal for experienced cannabis consumers looking to relax and recharge, ZUB is the perfect nighttime strain. Just a few hits of this heavy indica will quiet your mind, relieve pain and inflammation, and promote restful sleep. With ZUB, you’ll feel stress and anxiety fade as your body and mind sink into deep tranquility.

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Escape into total relaxation with ZUB, the indica-dominant hybrid that will melt your worries away. This potent strain boasts:

  • A complex terpene profile with earthy, piney, diesel aromas
  • Dense, resinous buds with deep purple hues

Known for its heavy sedative qualities, ZUB is perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day. This hard-hitting hybrid strain induces a deep sense of calm and eases both physical and mental tension. Let the soothing qualities of ZUB help you decompress and drift off to sleep.

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