Tropical Gelato FIRE!!!!!!!


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Indulge your senses and escape to paradise with Tropical Gelato, the tropical hybrid cannabis strain that delivers a euphoric high and tantalizing flavors. This exotic bud offers:

  • An uplifting, creative, and focused high perfect for daytime use
  • A rich terpene profile with sweet, fruity flavors of mango, pineapple, and citrus
  • Dense, resinous buds with a mix of purple and forest green colors

Savor the best of the tropics with each hit of Tropical Gelato. The balanced hybrid high will lift your mood and energy while the dynamic tropical flavors delight your taste buds.

Best enjoyed by creative types and social butterflies looking to spark inspiration and conversation at parties or gatherings, Tropical Gelato’s euphoric effects and mouthwatering flavors make every day feel like a vacation. Treat yourself to this island escape anytime.

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