Purple Pop

Purple Pop is more than just tasty – it provides a soaring euphoric high that launches your imagination into creative overdrive. Perfect for artists, writers and innovators who need to unlock new ideas. The upbeat sativa effects banish stress and flood your mind with positivity.

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Take your tastebuds on a wild ride with Purple Pop, the tantalizing sativa hybrid that will make your senses pop.

  • A burst of sweet and sour grape flavors that excite the palate
  • An uplifting and euphoric high perfect for creative pursuits
  • A smooth smoke with hints of berry and citrus

This mouthwatering strain is a flavor explosion waiting to happen. The first hit greets you with a sweet grape candy taste, before transitioning to a complex blend of sour berries and zesty citrus. Your tastebuds will dance in delight with every puff.

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