Pre 98 Buddha

Pre 98 Buddha is the ideal strain for cannabis consumers seeking an enlightening, spiritually focused experience. Its unique effects open the mind to new perspectives, unleash creativity, and promote inner peace. Achieve nirvana with the transcendent power of Pre 98 Buddha.

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Enter a higher state of mind with new Pre 98 Buddha. This hybrid cannabis strain delivers a euphoric, spiritually uplifting high that will have you feeling one with the universe.

  • Uplifting, cerebral effects induce a meditative state of mindfulness
  • Powerful full-body relaxation melts stress and tension away
  • Pine and earthy flavors with hints of lemon and diesel

Let Pre 98 Buddha transport you to a transcendental state of blissful contemplation. Its mentally stimulating sativa effects produce a clear-headed high perfect for quiet meditation, creative activities, or philosophical discussions with friends. Pre 98 Buddha also provides deeply relaxing indica properties that unwind both body and mind.

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