New! Krystal Lit 250mg Drink Mix

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Cannabis Infused Fruit Drink Mix

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Get ready to turn up the flavor and the fun with Krystal Lit Cannabis Infused Fruit Drink Mix. This first-of-its-kind mix delivers a tasty fruity drink blended with a mild cannabis kick.

  • Add to water or juice for mouthwatering strawberry, grape, orange, fruit punch, lemonade, and pink lemonade flavors
  • Infused with high-quality cannabis extract for a smooth, mellow buzz
  • Discreet and portable – take the mix anywhere!
  • Made for parties, creative pursuits, or just relaxing at home

Krystal Lit makes it easy to create refreshing cannabis cocktails and mocktails. The pleasant cannabis infusion means you can avoid the strong taste of edibles or smoke. Just mix, sip, and enjoy the euphoric vibes!

For cannabis lovers seeking a more enjoyable, flavorful way to consume, Krystal Lit is a game-changer. No more choking down edibles – now you can relax with a refreshing fruity drink that also provides that mellow high you crave. Infuse your day with flavor and fun!

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Fruit Punch, Orange, Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Grape

1 review for New! Krystal Lit 250mg Drink Mix

  1. Christina Hawkins

    Mixed fruitpunch with juice was extra sweet and the after taste socks. But all in all its took like 15 yo 20 mins to kick once it did it was so worth it.

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