Grape Soda

Grape Soda is the perfect choice for artists, creatives, and anyone looking to unleash their imagination. The meditative effects quiet the mind while enhancing sensory perception and original thought. Break out of your normal thinking patterns and see the world through a more colorful lens with this unique and tasty bud.

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Open your mind with Grape Soda – the imaginative indica hybrid cannabis strain that will take your senses on a magical journey.

  • Perfectly balanced hybrid with relaxing indica effects and uplifting sativa creativity
  • Fruity, sweet grape flavor with notes of berry and citrus
  • Produces a mellow, euphoric high that sparks creativity

Let your creative juices flow with the dreamy effects of Grape Soda. This well-balanced hybrid strain provides a nice mental lift that stimulates imagination and inspiration, while relaxing the body in a warm, fuzzy blanket of bliss. The delicious fruity flavors burst on your tongue, flooding your senses with sweet grape and hints of mixed berries.

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