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Escape to a musical wonderland with La La Land Live Rosin, the purest cannabis concentrate that captures the essence of sun-soaked California days. This cold cure live rosin delivers:

  • Unadulterated terpene flavor straight from freshly harvested buds
  • Solventless extraction to preserve cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Creamy consistency perfect for dabbing or vaping
  • Potent and smooth effects of relaxation, euphoria, and creativity

Savor the authentic flavor profile and entourage effect of La La Land Live Rosin. Cold-cured to lock in terpenes and crafted from fresh frozen cannabis, every dab of this top-shelf concentrate transports you to a carefree musical reverie. Ideal for patients and cannabis connoisseurs looking for the cleanest and smoothest dabbing experience.

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Slurricane (Indica), Northern Lights (Indica), Gelato 41 (Hybrid), Purple Haze (Hybrid), Zkittles (Sativa), Mimosa (Sativa)


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