Apple Fritter (SMALLS)


Great for relieving stress and sparking creativity, Apple Fritter is the perfect choice for artists, writers, and anyone looking for an uplifting escape from daily worries. The happy high will have you feeling motivated, imaginative, and ready to play. Treat yourself to the sweet, fruity flavors and soaring euphoric effects of this uplifting hybrid.

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Sweet as a fresh-picked apple, this euphoric hybrid strain is a treat for the senses.

  • Uplifting and creative effects that spark imagination
  • Fruity, apple flavors with hints of nutty dough
  • Powerful, happy high

The Apple Fritter high hits fast and hard with a rush of euphoria and creativity perfect for freeing your mind. Let your thoughts wander as this tasty bud lifts your spirits. The mouthwatering flavors of tart apple and nutty dough make every puff a delight.

Apple Fritter

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