Afghani Thai Stick


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Transport your mind straight to the misty peaks of the Hindu Kush with our aromatic Afghani Thai Stick. This energizing sativa strain offers:

  • An invigorating cerebral high perfect for creative pursuits
  • Tangy citrus and spicy herbal flavors
  • Soaring euphoria and deep relaxation

Our pure landrace sativa hails straight from the mountainous regions of Afghanistan and Thailand. With THC levels reaching 25%, the Afghani Thai Stick delivers a powerful euphoric lift that sparks creativity and enhances focus. The complex terpene profile evokes the scents of a Thai spice market, with tangy citrus top notes and deep herbal undertones.

Perfect for free-spirited artists, writers, and innovators, our Afghani Thai Stick promotes outside-the-box thinking. The happy high erases stress and anxiety while enhancing sensations. Let your imagination run wild on the wings of this flighty sativa.

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